Playing Wildlands

I’m not a Ghost Recon of old - fanboi, for what ever reason most of those Tom Clancy titles passed me by without regret. Also I’m not a big fan of open world games, so Wildlands had an uphill job to entertain me. I got Wildlands on my time off over xmas, so my experience was mainly dropping in and out over the hoilday period playing single player.

You can’t really fault Ubi on Graphics their titles are always very impressive graphically, Rémi Génin article of how they did screen space relfections is worth a read if you enjoy technical details.

The gameplay was solid, although my gripe would be it became a little repetitive towards the end. While traveling around in Heli’s was fun to start with, fast travel soon became the preferred mode of transport. I got kinda bored of the missions towards the end, after my UAV was fully upgraded I spent alot of time telling my bots who to kill, only really ever bothering to do any dirty work when things went awry.

The AI is a big feature in the game. Your team mates could happily shoot through buildings, they are so good in fact, that any critical shot I might miss I would entrust my AI team mates with, in fact the game towards the end was me playing a drone targetting people for my AI teams mates to kill - Recon part I guess. The enemy AI wasn’t anywhere near as good at shooting, however they had super good hearing and terrible eyesight.

Credit is due in the story however. Had it had been less entertaining I wouldn’t have lasted so long in the game. It happily strung me though the various area’s of the game. Overall happy with the game and could possibly replay it with a friend in cooperative.